IT Training

IT Training: Technology Services has many training opportunities to increase business software and technology skills to reach your maximum potential and increase productivity in the workplace and classroom. We are excited about launching our new Technology Services Training Registration portal through Microsoft SharePoint. In this portal, you will have access to take advantage of both in classroom sessions and online training sessions.

Click on the link to register for classes:Training Spotlight (
How to register for a course:
  1. Please ensure to click allow to access the class registration app

  2. Search for the course you would like to register for

  3. Then click on "Register for Training"

  4. Then select your"Role"

  5. Then click"Submit"

  6. You should receive a confirmation email confirming your enrollment

  7. If you would like to view your upcoming scheduled training please click"View Your Scheduled Training"

    Please Note**When accessing the VSU intranet while off campus it is necessary to use VPN in order to access the VSU network**

    You must be connected to theVPNin order to register for classes. If you have any questions, please contact