Recreation & Leisure

Welcome! Play, compete, have fun and be part of a team!

Intramural sports at VSU are open to all students, males and females, as well as faculty and staff members. There are no tryouts so everyone can play the sports they choose.

Intramurals are a great way to get or stay fit and active, to participate in a team environment, and to have fun.

Coach Samuel Rivers oversees the intramural program, and is always looking for students interested in playing on the various sports leagues, or volunteers to assist with scorekeeping, set up, and other duties.

While there are a number of University teams for each league which compete against each other, some of the leagues also put together traveling teams to play against other universities in Virginia like the University of Richmond, Hampton University, and Norfolk State. This is a great opportunity for players who didn't make the University teams to still have a chance to remain competitive.

A sports banquet is held each spring to present awards to the best athletes from each intramural sports league.

The following team sports are currently offered through the intramural program. Fall sports usually get underway shortly after Labor Day, while organizational meetings for the spring sports usually take place in January.

  • Indoor basketball (spring)
  • Outdoor basketball (fall)
  • Flag football (men) and powder puff football (ladies) (fall)
  • Tennis (USA Tennis League)
  • Soccer (spring and fall)
  • Kickball (spring and summer)

For more information on joining a team, contact Samuel Rivers ( at (804) 524-5546 or Markus Copeland ( at (804)-524-5720.

Recreation and Leisure Handbook