Altiris Software Portal FAQs

All Virginia State University managed computers should have the Symantec Software Portal icon on the desktop.

Call the VSU Servicedesk at 804-524-5210 Monday – Friday from 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM. They will open a request and the software will be remotely installed on your computer.

No. There are some applications that are require detailed configuration during installation. There also are a number of applications that only a few people need access to therefore they would not be available in the Portal.

This will depend on the size of the application. For example a small application such as Jabber make only take less than 10 minutes. However SPSS can take up to 25 minutes to install.

No. When an application is created and published we make it a silent install. This means you will not see any prompts on your screen simply the icon on the desktop or the program in your Programs Menu.

Yes. You can double click on the Altiris icon which is located in the system tray that also contains your date/time display. If you do not see this icon please click on the white triangle in this location and click on Customize. Locate Symantec Management Agent, click the dropdown on the right and change it to Show icon and notification. Now you should see the icon be default in your system tray.

When the Task Status window opens select the Task Status tab. In the example below you can see the 7-zip was requested and is installing/running. Once the installation is complete the status changes from Running to Success – return code 0. Remember not all applications will create a desktop icon so if you see a Success status, but no icon check the Programs Menu for your new application.