Hall Counsel

The Residence Hall Counsel represents the interests, needs, and concerns of all individuals who reside in the residence halls. The councils promote and organize social, recreational, cultural activities, and community service programs. As a member of the counsel, students are also given opportunities to get involved in hall life and develop their leadership skills.

All counsel members must be in good standing. They should not be on disciplinary academic probation. The president of each hall council will serve on the Residence Hall Association. The president and officers of the Residence Hall Association will be elected from the council of hall presidents. Election for the Residence Hall Association will occur on a yearly basis.

Expectations And Responsibilities

  1. Must reside in the hall he/she is representing.
  2. Must have and maintain a grade point average of 2.5 or above.
  3. Serve as the official representative of all residents in the hall.
  4. Each counsel member is required to work eight (8) hours per week in the office or other areas designated by the residence educator.
  5. Keep information posted and current in the lobby of the hall.
  6. Plan and implement at least one (1) activity/community service project per semester for residents.
  7. Attend all residence hall floor and other meetings called by the Residence Life Staff.
  8. The president is a member of the Residence Hall Association and is required to participate in all meetings and activities sponsored by the Association.
  9. Exemplify the rules and regulations of the hall. Perform all task assigned to counsel member’s position.