Summer Conference Assistant Position

The Summer Conference Assistant (CA) is responsible for representing the University in the residence hall to include all responsibilities that assist in making residential living a positive and supportive experience. These responsibilities will be divided into the following areas:

  1. Community Development: The Summer CA is to establish and maintain relationships with all residents of the community. He/she should be sensitive to and aware of potential issues/concerns and how to address them in a supportive and responsible manner. It is important that Summer CAs be available to meet the needs and concerns of residents and to appropriately seek out support from supervisors regarding resident concerns.

  2. Administration: Summer CAs are required to thoroughly complete all paper work in a timely manner and perform duty responsibilities which will assist the professional staff in responding to student needs and issues. Summer housing requires accurate documentation for proper billing and housing turnover. CAs are expected to work a minimum of 25 hours per week. Participate in an on call rotation for after-hours emergencies and respond to emergencies/crises issues and disruptive behavior.

  3. Community Rights and Responsibilities: The Summer CA will educate residents of the University policies and expectations. Summer CAs will consistently uphold policies and confront students who are unwilling to abide by established policies and procedures as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct Handbook. Summer CAs will also direct students to the appropriate staff person regarding questions or concerns with the conduct process. The CA will also be a role model of appropriate and ethical behaviors.

  4. Additional Responsibilities:

    • Carry out duties in support of the Mission of Virginia State University and the Department of Residence Life and Housing.

    • Report any known cases of serious illness, accidents or unusual behavior to your Residence Coordinator and Professional Staff on Call.

    • Actively participate in the opening and closing (Check-in and Check-Outs) of residential areas by assisting with cleaning the rooms if necessary. Attend regularly scheduled staff meetings and perform summer duty responsibilities. Assist with Summer Orientation and showroom tours.

    • Accept assignment of limited other duties as deemed necessary by Residence Life and Housing. Recognize that changes may need to be made throughout the course of the summer as deemed appropriate by Residence Life and Housing.

    • Understand that at any given time, should a Summer CA not fulfill responsibilities or uphold policies, the Summer CA’s position will be terminated and the Summer CA will be responsible for repaying the entire Summer Housing Rate for the summer or if the Summer CA decides to leave campus, the Summer CA will pay for the days occupied in the Residence Hall as a Summer CA.

Compensation: A single room waiver for summer I and II. All Summer CAs must check into their assigned area by 3pm on May 21, 2020 and checkout of their summer housing assignment by 5pm on July 25, 2018. Summer CAs will be placed in throughout various Residence Halls that will house summer camps and conferences, orientation and summer school.

Summer Conference Assistant Application