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Readmit Applicants

Students are deemed readmit applicants and must reapply for admission if they have:

  • Not attended VSU in a degree program for one academic year or more
  • Been academically suspended from VSU
  • Attended another college or university since attending VSU and one academic year has passed

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All applicants are required to complete the online application. Students who wish to return to VSU after enrolling at another institution are considered readmit applicants and should submit official transcripts from the college(s) attended since last enrolled at VSU. Applications will be reviewed when all required materials have been received by the Office of Admissions.

Students who attend another institution during periods of suspension from VSU are considered readmit applicants for admission purposes. Any course work taken at another institution during the suspension will be evaluated according to regular procedures.

Applicants who have been suspended from the university for non-academic or disciplinary reasons should refer to the Dean of Students’ “Steps to Re-Enroll” for pre-application clearance.

Readmission after academic sanctions

 Students will only be considered under the following circumstances:

  • A student who returns to the University, after being placed on Academic Suspension, having earned an Associate Degree (college-prep track) will be readmitted under the same terms and conditions as a transfer student.
  • Under exceptional circumstances (such as serious and documented health or financial difficulties), a student may appeal his/her suspension to the department chair and school dean who may then, in turn, recommend readmission to the Academic Credits Committee (ACC). Such an appeal can only be considered by the ACC after the student has been out for the period of one academic year. The student must present a letter from at least one faculty member in support of his or her appeal. If the appeal is successful, the student will be readmitted on “Academic Warning.”
  • If a student voluntarily withdraws from the university for a semester (for any reason), that student will return on the same status with which he/she left. (That is, if the student left on “Academic Warning,” he/she will return on “Academic Warning;” if he/she left on “Academic Probation,” he/she will return on “Academic Probation.”)

Each request for readmission for a student seeking to return to the University after being placed on Academic Suspension is evaluated by the ACC. The appellant must demonstrate he/she is prepared to succeed academically via written recommendation from the appellant’s dean and department chairperson and documentation of academic pursuits/activities (e.g., college course work successfully completed at other accredited institutions, college-equivalency experiences, relevant internships, military service, etc., as applicable).

  • If the request for readmission is approved, the ACC may make stipulations with regard to maximum number of credit-hours in which the applicant may enroll, change of major, required cumulative or term grade point average, among others as deemed appropriate to the student’s academic progress during previous enrollment and work completed during the period of suspension.
  • If the request for readmission is denied, the ACC will inform the applicant in writing as to what the student can do to reapply in the future, or the application may be denied and permanent expulsion imposed.

Help us to go green and complete your application online. It is the easiest method to apply. The advantage of applying online is the availability of status.

Apply Now/Check Status

Apply Now

Help us to go green and complete your application online. It is the easiest method to apply. The advantage of applying online is the availability of status.

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