Continuing Education

Continuing Education

Thank you for your interest in Continuing Education at Virginia State University (VSU) where we are an educational institution with a very long and rich history. For many years, VSU has been the leader in providing high-quality educational services to the citizens of Virginia and beyond.

The Office of Continuing Education is located on campus in Lockett Hall. Continuing Education at VSU serves to bring the curriculum and research to the community, through customized courses, certificate programs, and degree pathways. By providing greater access to educational opportunities, the Office of Continuing Education helps the University in fulling its goal of helping to build a better world for all citizens.

Through the Office of Continuing Education, non-degree seeking students are able to enroll in college courses. As well, degree-seeking students can take up to 30 credit hours of courses before deciding on their major of choice. Continuing education students can reach their goals of:

  • becoming familiar with University programs.
  • transferring to the University from another academic institution.
  • attaining certification/recertification for teaching.
  • enhancing their intellect by becoming life-long learners. 

Interested in submitting an application to start or advance your education?

Click here to apply to VSU through The Office of Continuing Education: