Current Faculty Fellows

2024-2025 Virginia State University Fellows

Dr. Sade Younger (Teaching Faculty Fellow) is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Social Work. Dr. Younger will continue research on the financial needs and experiences of disadvantaged communities, develop strategies for culturally competent financial services, and implement a culturally specific financial therapy certification program.

Dr. Venkatapparao Mummalaneni (Instructional Technology Faculty Fellow) is the Senior Associate Dean and Chair in the Department of Management and Marketing in the Reginald F. Lewis College of Business. Dr. Mummalaneni will assess the impact of ChatGPT on teaching effectiveness and student learning outcomes and develop Artificial Intelligence (Al) policies for students and faculty.

Dr. Brian Sayre (Institutional Research Faculty Fellow) is the Chair and a Professor in the Department of Biology. Dr. Sayre will investigate the factors affecting student retention at VSU, expand the data
analysis of students in the Biology 120-STAR-SI Program to all STAR-SI courses, and develop a student engagement program.

Dr. Michael McIntosh (Leadership Faculty Fellow) is the Chair and an Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership. Dr. McIntosh will develop a social justice leadership professional development program, design course activities and resources using a social justice framework, and publish research on those initiatives.

Vacant (Professional Development and Career Support Staff Fellow)