Application Process

The applicant will submit the following:

  1. a cover page with applicant's name, rank, department, email, and office and cell phone numbers.
  2. a recent Curriculum Vitae.
  3. a statement of interest of no more than two pages, which should describe the applicant's motivation for participating in the Fellows Program; a clear outline of proposed programs and/or activities that the Fellow plans to develop and implement during his/her tenure; and a plan for sustaining these activities.
  4. a summary of the proposed activities using the format below


    (at least three)




    Time Frame

    The goals within this activity

    SMART Objectives

    Specific tasks that must be implemented to achieve your objectives

    When these tasks will be complete

  5. two letters of nomination (generally nominations are provided by peers or administrators with knowledge of applicant's work and strengths as a faculty member).
  6. two Statements of Acknowledgement from the applicant's Department Chair and Dean included with the application, which will indicate that the applicant will be given the release time to complete the work identified in the proposal. For the staff fellow, two Statements of Acknowledgement from the applicant's direct Supervisor and department Director will be required.
  7. email the completed application packet to

Application Deadline

Applications are due Friday, March 29, 2024, at 5pm. Notification of acceptance into the program will occur on or before April 22, 2024.

Application Review and Selection

The Academy of Faculty Enrichment Steering Committee will conduct a holistic review of all faculty applications. The Staff Senate's Executive Committee and one member of the AFE Steering Committee will review staff applications. Nominees will be forwarded to the Interim Provost and Vice President Academic Affairs and Executive Director of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness who will announce the 2024-2025 University Fellows.

Contact Us

For question about the AFE University Fellows Program please contact:

Dr. Linda Noel-Batiste- Executive Director of Strategic Faculty Initiatives and Innovation, Associate Professor, Department of Educational Leadership, and Committee Chair of the Academy for Faculty Enrichment

Office: 804-504-7027