Freshman Parking

Freshmen are not permitted to have vehicles on campus. Students can apply for an exemption through the Department of Student Conduct and Restorative Practices.

Be advised that if the exemption waiver is approved, the student must submit the approved waiver with the decal registration application to, or it will be automatically denied. 

To request an exemption, a student must submit:

  1. Freshman Parking Request form
  2. Copy of current semester class schedule
  3. Copy of current semester University validation
  4. Valid copy of your driver’s license
  5. Copy of vehicle registration
  6. Supporting documentation for the exemption
  7. Two Proofs of employment
  8. Statement from supervisor on letterhead
  9. 2 current paystubs
  10. A Proof of residency; for Commuter students only (lease, utility bill etc.)
  11. Approval from housing (Commuter Students Only)
  12. Military documentation