You will be contacted from the Student Conduct Office via email and phone. After the first contact all communication of charges is done via email and in person. Always monitor you University email.

The process should only take ten to fifteen business days from start to finish.

If you are found guilty of a charge that information is placed on your University record.

Witnesses are allowed but the office must be informed of who is attending the hearing prior to the hearing.

Once a finding has been made that the Code has been violated, the vice president for student Affairs or his/her designee imposes a penalty/ies.

The sanctions can be fines, community service, probation, warnings, forfeiture or suspension of campus privileges, restitution, suspension from residence halls, Suspension from the University, Participation in the University’s Substance Abuse Prevention Program and expulsion from the University.

A decision or judgment of a judicial court may be appealed on the following grounds. Prejudicial error was committed during hearing whereby a fair hearing was not conducted. The penalty or sanction imposed was excessive. The decision or judgment is not supported or justified by the evidence. Noncumulative material and relevant evidence, new or newly discovered which with reasonable diligence could not have been produced at the hearing.