Financial Assistance for Graduates

Information for Doctoral, Masters, and Teacher Certification Students

Financial assistance is available to graduate students attending Virginia State University. To apply for federal assistance, graduate students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and the Virginia State University Application for Assistance. The primary source of funding awarded through the Office of Student Financial Aid for graduate students are loans Federal and Alternative Loans). Graduate students may also receive funding through Scholarships, fellowships, teaching assistants, research assistants, and other sources.

Eligibility - Graduate students must be admitted as a degree seeking student. Eligibility for federal assistance is based upon the results of the processed FAFSA.

Reapplication - The continuation of your financial aid from year to year is not automatic. All recipients must reapply for aid each academic year. Students can apply at ( FAFSA forms are generally available after January 1 each year.Virginia State University school code is 003764.

Course Work - Masters and Doctoral students must enroll in at least half time (6 hours) of graduate course work (500, 600 or 700 course level) to be eligible for a Federal Student Loans. The University considers 9 12 hours to be full-time; therefore, half time would be 6 hours. Financial aid for Graduate students will not cover undergraduate courses taken or classes that are being audited.

Federal Loans - Graduate students who receive Federal  Loans must sign a Master Promissory Note only once for all disbursements unless the student cease continued enrollment for a year or longer. The award notification or the Disclosure Statement from the approving Guarantor or Lending Institution will serve as notification of the loan amount. Students may decrease the amount borrowed by completing the decrease section of the Federal Direct Loan Certification Form. Graduate students awards include Unsubsidized loans.  All Federal Loans are disbursed in two payments.

All Federal Loan borrowers at Virginia State University are encouraged to sign their Student Loan Promissory Note electronically. Graduate students must complete an On-Line Entrance Interview Session in order to obtain the electronic promissory note of their choice loan provider. The website to sign your Entrance Interview and Master Promissory Note is ( A listing of students who signed their promissory note will be forwarded electronically to the Student Office of Student Financial Aid.

Revision or Cancellation of Aid - The Office of Student Financial Aid reserves the right to modify or cancel the award because of changes in your financial, residency, academic status, changes in the availability of funds or if you receive additional financial assistance. The submission of false or misleading information will be considered immediate grounds for cancellation of aid. If you receive additional scholarships, stipends or loans, that cause your award to exceed need or the cost of attendance at the University, your financial aid award will be reduced or canceled to prevent the over-award or over-budget.The student is responsible for repayment of any federal, state, outside agency or university assistance received as a result of unreported or misreported information.

Receipt of Additional Funds - Generally, campus based funds are reported to this office. However, if a student is receiving additional funds that are not listed on the award notification, it is the students responsibility to inform the Student Office of Student Financial Aid of additional assistance received. The students financial assistance may be adjusted to ensure compliance with federal regulations as a result of additional assistance not reflected on the award notification. The student should report funds such as, Vocational Rehabilitation, Veterans Benefits, and any outside agency providing funds to assist with the students educational expenses.

Teacher Certification - Students working on Teaching Certification only are eligible to receive a Federal Student Loan provided the student is enrolled in at least six (6) credit hours. The loan can only be awarded at the undergraduate level. Students can only borrow at the fifth grade level only twice. Students cannot exceed the maximum loan amount as an undergraduate student. Teacher Certification and Licensure students must maintain a 2.0 cumulative grade point average at the end of the academic year.

Cost of Attendance - Once you have received your VSU Banner PIN#,you can access your Cost of Attendance on the web at VSU Trojan Link. This is not the amount you owe. This is only your budget for the academic year. Again, please be reminded that your budget may change after registration depending on your enrollment status. Note:-Actual charges to attend Virginia State University should be obtained from the Bursars Office.

Bill Statement - If your bill is validated (financially cleared) at VSU and you do not attend classes; it is your responsibility to withdraw from the University. You should contact the Academic Support Centerat 804-524-5928. Students who receive all Ns, Fs and/or Ws may be required to repay all of the financial aid awarded if documentation of attendance cannot be verified.

Withdrawals - Students withdraw from the University for various reasons. Students withdrawing from the University should follow the withdrawal procedure. The Federal Government has implemented a withdrawal policy for institutions. It is called the Return of Title IV Funds.  If you receive financial aid and withdraw or leave the University without notice before the mid-point of the semester, you may be required to repay any refund received and other aid disbursed on your account. You will be notified, in writing, of the amount that must be repaid.

E-mail and Trojan Link Online Access - The Office of Student Financial Aid will attempt to use your campus and/or personal e-mail addresses to correspond with the student. Students should regularly check their e-mail for updates, important news and various correspondences. Students should also review their financial aid award and missing documents information on Trojan Link Online Access.