Re-Establishing SAP

After financial assistance has been withdrawn, a student may re-establish satisfactory academic progress by either of the following methods at his/her expense:

  1. Attend subsequent semesters at VSU and improve hours and semester/cumulative grade point average to meet the required standards.

Students who comply with either method of re-establishing SAP should submit to the OSFA a written request asking that their eligibility for financial aid be reinstated.

A student's financial aid award may be adjusted and/or canceled based upon federal, state, and/or university guidelines. If financial aid cancellations are made, the student is responsible for immediate payment of any balance due to the University.

Information pertaining to financial aid policies, procedures, and award programs may be obtained by contacting:

Office of Student Financial Aid

P.O. Box 9031
Petersburg, VA 23806
Telephone No: (800) 823-7214 or (804) 524-5990