Contract Review Process


Because the University will be required to comply strictly with the agreed upon terms of contracts in which it is a party, it is important to make sure that the terms and conditions of contracts for goods and services (including construction and maintenance agreements and academic grants and contracts) as written by the Purchasing Department or the various academic departments clearly and accurately express the intent of both parties.  University employees responsible for negotiating the contract, employees who will use the goods or services and/or administer the contract, and University employees responsible for contract administration and payment authorization, should know with some degree of certainty the terms and conditions of the contract for which they are responsible in some way.  Therefore, as part of the review process, these various individuals will be required to indicate on the form set out below that they have reviewed the contract and believe that it accurately expresses the intent of the parties as to subject matter, duration, cost, and terms and conditions.  In addition, these individuals must make certain certifications as indicated on the routing form before review by legal counsel.  Failure to do so will delay legal review and final execution by the President or other authorized signatory for the University.  Only University purchasing staff has authority to negotiate contracts on behalf of the University.  All contracts requiring review by University Counsel must be reviewed and/or routed via the Purchasing office prior to submission to Counsel’s office. 

Should you have questions, please contact the University’s Purchasing Department or the Office of University Legal Counsel.