Code of Ethics

The University Legal Counsel’s Office is a law office and, as such, is governed by the Virginia Rules of Professional Conduct for Lawyers. The values set forth below serve as guiding principles for this office.

  1. Professional Values: We believe in serving with competence, excellence, efficiency, objectivity and impartiality. We believe we are responsible to our client to provide timely access to our knowledge and expertise.

  2. Integrity: We strive to build and uphold the public trust by acting with honesty, integrity and fairness in representing our client.

  3. Respect: We respect others and appreciate diverse backgrounds and ways of thinking. We also believe our client deserves our respect, our honesty and our diligence. We will demonstrate respect, fairness and courtesy in dealing with members of the Board of Visitors, students, faculty, and staff.

  4. Teamwork: We believe in collaboration, camaraderie and open communication in an environment that fosters participation to help us reach our common goals. We will work as a team and University Legal Counsel will train and develop staff to meet changing needs.

Continuous Improvement

We value creative and innovative thinking. Continuous learning and openness to new ideas will help us improve and grow as we strive to deliver timely and competent legal services, as expected by the client.