The Collection Department within the Office of the University Bursar (bursar’s office) is responsible for collecting student account balances 91+ days past due amount owed to the University. The process is initiated and accomplished by means of electronic and written correspondences and by a financial hold on services provided by Virginia State University applied to the accounts.  These balances may be attributed to a variety of issues, such as incomplete or missing financial aid requirements or paperwork, insufficient sources of funds, dishonored checks, rejected credit/debit card payments, and additional fees. 

If a student’s account continues to be unpaid for an extended period of time 121+ days, the account may escalate and be referred to a third-party agency to assist with collections.  In these situations, collection costs may be applied to the referred principal balance.  The principal balance plus collections costs must be paid in full prior to receiving additional services from Virginia State University (VSU), such as registration or any academic credentials (enrollment status, transcripts, grades or diploma).

*Please note that if an account has been referred to a third-party agency, the student must call the third-party agency to set up payment arrangements.

The student can avoid the account from escalating to a third-party agency by paying the balance in full or setting up a payment arrangement.  For methods of payment, visit our payment link  Make a payment

Collection activity is performed in accordance with the provisions of the Commonwealth’s CAPP manual Section 20505 and guidelines established by the Office of the Attorney General.  The Collection Unit also oversees the University’s participation in the Perkins Loan program to include processing Deferments/Forbearances, exit counseling and Loan Rehabilitation.

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