Patrol Division

The Patrol Operations Division is headed by the Patrol Commander.  This Uniformed Division consists of three patrol sergeants, three corporals, thirteen police officers, and twenty unarmed security officers.

Each officer has completed training mandated by the Department of Criminal Justice Services. All police officers are empowered by state law to carry firearms, conduct criminal investigations, make arrests and testify in court. The Patrol Operations Division provides coverage of the campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Police officers are responsible for enforcing both state laws and county ordinances, University policies, and protecting the campus community. The Division provides the following services to the campus community:

  • Patrol of the campus with marked and unmarked police vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles and on foot.
  • Respond to emergency and non-emergency incidents.
  • Community Police Officers and Crime Prevention services.
  • Routine traffic control, including speed enforcement.
  • Providing informational crime data about the University
  • Working closely with students to enhance their academic experience as it pertains to safety and security.

In addition to these routine services, this Division provides police support at all major on and off-campus events such as Commencement, Homecoming, and other student sponsored activities and athletic events. The Department's desire is to promote enjoyable, safe activities for all users of the University services, especially for our students.

An innovative part of the Patrol Operations Division is the Bike Patrol Unit. This is a specially formed unit, composed of police officers that utilize specially equipped mountain bikes to patrol the University campus. These officers are certified through a course offered by the International Police Mountain Bike Association (IPMBA). The use of mountain bikes for patrol duty is quiet, cost efficient, and amazingly effective. Mountain bikes are able to bridge the gap between automobiles and foot patrol. Bike patrol serves as a way of providing enhanced security on campus; it places officers in closer contact with students where positive discourse is prompted; and, it is an effective physical fitness tool for police officers.

The VSU Dept. of Police and Public Safety also utilizes motorcycles, that are operated by radar certified motor officers, to enforce the speed limits on campus. They are also used to provide escorts for major events on campus, such as Homecoming parades and dignitary escorts.

VSU Police Department

21012 Service Road
PO Box 9405
Petersburg, VA  23806
Emergency Phone (804)524-5411
Non-Emergency Phone (804)524-5360
Fax (804) 524-5614

VSU Police Department