Trojan Explosion Booster Association


Organized in July 2013, the Trojan Explosion Booster Association was formed as a support organization for the Trojan Explosion Marching Band of Virginia State University. Our goal is to provide moral and financial support for band students who serve as musical ambassadors for VSU when performing on campus or on the road. The costs for recruitment, scholarships, uniforms, instruments, instrument repairs, travel, meals, and other expenses involved in the band’s operation are high. It is difficult to provide all operational needs with current budget curtailments. To build and sustain a marching band, funds must be available to attract bright and promising incoming musicians. The university and the band boosters believe that our students deserve the opportunity to play instruments that are well maintained, to display their talents at home, and to experience performances at sites away from campus. Students, parents, alumni, and others have come to expect the band to be a part of football games, whether at the university or on the road.  

If you believe, as we do, that our students deserve to experience these opportunities, join us in providing financial support to supplement budgeted funds by downloading the donor form and mailing it with your donation to the address on the form or by donating online. The boosters have several fundraising items for sale. Click on the link below left to see the items. All proceeds from sales go to support band scholarships and operational expenses related to student activities. Contact us at to learn more about our association.

Trojan Explosion Booster Association Officers


Mrs. Barbara R. Steverson

Vice-President, Finance

Dr. H. Ray Davis


Mr. Harold Allen

Recording Secretary

Mrs. Angela Moseley

Donor Engagement Chair

Ms. Margaret Macklin

Program Chair

Ms. Robin Brown

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Phone: 804-524-6892

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