Cashier's Office

Below are helpful hints to assist you when mailing or making payments to Virginia State University's Cashier's Office.

The Cashier's Office accepts cash, check, money order, VISA, MasterCard, and American Express.

  • All checks must have the following information of the payor typed on it:

    • Name

    • Address

    • Check Number

  • No starter checks will be accepted

  • A fee of $50.00 will be charged for all returned checks and future payment by check will not be accepted.

  • Always include the student's V number on your check or money order.

  • Always include the remittance slip when applicable.

  • Cash payments should be made at the Cashier's Office. DO NOT FORWARD CASH IN THE MAIL.


Cashier's Office

Cashier's Office
Virginia Hall, Room 112 - Should be - Gandy Hall (Basement)
P.O. Box 9125
Petersburg, VA