Book Vouchers

Students receiving financial aid, scholarships, etc.
 in excess of the semester charges may charge a book voucher on their 1Card.

Book vouchers are based on a student’s estimated credit balance per semester. The voucher may be used to purchase books and supplies only and cannot be exchanged for cash. It is recommended that students obtain an estimated cost for books and supplies before requesting a book voucher.

No cash refunds will be issued for merchandise exchanged or unused balances. The book voucher can only be used during the current academic year, up to the specified expiration date. Unused book voucher amounts will be automatically credited to the student’s account during the spring semester. Credit balances will be refunded before the end of each spring semester or upon official withdrawal from the University.

*Book vouchers will be issued beginning seven (7) days before the start of classes through the middle of the semester. To request a book voucher email requests to with your name, student identification number and the amount you want on your book voucher. After verification, the requested amount will be placed on your VSU 1Card and a completion notification will be emailed back to you within one business day after receiving request.