Cap and Gown

Regalia-Oak Hill Cap and Gown 

Gowns (if only needing a gown)
  • Bachelor: $50.00
  • Master: $67.00
  • Doctoral: $84.00
Hoods (if need of a replacement or single purchase)
  • Bachelor: $32.00
  • Master: $40.00
  • Doctoral: $52.00
  • Sized Cap: $12.00
  • One Size Fits All Cap: $12.00
  • *Tam: $51.00
  • Regular Tassel Replacement (price is for bachelor, master, or doctoral) $6.00
  • Deluxe Tassel (blue and orange w/ gold year) $6.00
  • Key Chain Tassel w/ Year: $6.00
  • Bling Tassel (orange and blue tassel with a silver blinged out year) $12.00
  • First Gen Stole: $26.00
  • Kente Stole: $41.00

*Doctoral cap, gown, hood, and tam listed are all souvenir products. Higher quality material and customizable doctoral gowns available for purchase or rent. Contact the Oak Hall representative if interested. Special gown cost more—not the price listed here for the doctoral package.