VSU Advocacy Program


Virginia State University (VSU) believes that all people deserve to live and engage in an environment that is healthy, safe, and inclusive. The VSU Adovcacy Program promotes a campus environment where students are able to learn and work free of violence, discrimination and/or harassment. We celebrate the differences on this campus and believe in working collectively to create a community that promotes safety and equity.

The Mission

The Advocacy Program provides support, advocacy, resources and prevention education to the VSU community. The Advocacy Program works collaboratively with students, faculty and staff to educate the campus community about the critical role that we all play in preventing violence. We respond to the needs of students impacted by stalking, dating/domestic violence, sexual assault, gender discrimination/bias, pregnancy discrimination, and/or harassment by providing free and confidential services.

Connect with us

Ask the Advocate is an online service for students (and families), faculty and staff of Virginia State University. The purpose of this service is to educate individuals who seek further information on various topics relating to sexual violence, gender discrimination, harassment, relationship abuse, stalking, consent, healthy relationships and being an active bystander. Trained advocates can provide information and referrals for survivors. Ask the Advocate is not counseling nor should it be used as a substitute for counseling/mental health services.

What types of questions are asked?

  • Sexual violence, gender discrimination, harassment, relationship abuse, stalking, consent, healthy relationships and being an active bystander. Advocates can also answer questions for providing referrals for people who desire further assistance. Here are just a few examples:
    “I have a friend that was raped on campus. I’ve tried to convince them to reach out for help, but they won’t listen to me. How can I support them when they don’t want help?” “I have a friend who started a relationship. I am noticing that their partner has been verbally abusive towards them. I don’t know how to express my disapproval towards their partner.”

Is Ask the Advocate confidential?

  • Ask the Advocate is designed to be a one on one exchange between the individual and the advocate. In accordance with policy, we will not share the content of this email exchange or your identity outside of the Advocacy Program staff unless legally compelled to do so (for example, if your question includes a report of abuse affecting someone under the age of 18), or if the content includes a legitimate threat to yourself or others.

How fast will I get a response?

  • Questions asked through Ask the Advocate will be answered Monday through Friday between 9:00am-4:00pm except when the University is officially closed for holidays or weather emergencies. Questions submitted after 4:00 on Friday will be returned the following Monday. If you are experiencing an emergency and/or need immediate assistance please contact or 9-1-1!