Virginia State University strives to cultivate a campus environment where all students can live their truth. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning [LGBTQ+] students may have questions about life at VSU:

  • I’m transitioning/ transgender. What housing options are available for me?
    • Please contact the VSU Title IX office to discuss your options. You may contact the Title IX Coordinator by sending an email to

  • How are roommates assigned and will my roommate be supportive?
    • First-year students will complete their housing application online, noting their housing preferences. Roommate matching occurs randomly through our assignments system based on individuals’ answers to our values-based questions. Roommates are paired by gender. However, there will be a section on the application asking for you to identify if you wish to be assigned with a roommate whose gender may not match your own, if that is most comfortable and appropriate for you based on your identity. Students are also invited to note if they are an LGBTQ+ Ally

  • What campus resources exist to support LGBTQ+ students?
    • VSU faculty and staff are here to promote the academic and personal success of all our students. Whether you are an ally, an out student, or someone who is not out, these are some resources here for you at VSU:

  • How can I tell VSU my preferred name?
    • You may indicate a preferred first name that will appear in documents internal to VSU.

VSU Gender Inclusive Restrooms:

All restrooms specified below offer full bathroom amenities including shower, sink, and toilet. There are many additional gender-inclusive single-use restrooms throughout our residential buildings that are simply labeled “restroom” that offer a sink and toilet but do not offer a shower.

VSU is constantly evaluating new locations to implement gender-inclusive restrooms, as they benefit everybody in the community. We hope that your visit to this site marks the beginning of a conversation, not the end! If you have additional questions, ideas or concerns, we’d love to hear from you via email ( or in person.

For Transgender, Non-Binary, and Gender Nonconforming Students

Below are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) designed to provide information to answer common questions in one convenient online location. For more information, you may contact the VSU Advocates, we are here to support you.

  • What support services are available to trans, non-binary, and/or gender non-conforming students at VSU?
    • The Office of EEO and TIX also provides education and response pursuant to the University’s Preventing and Addressing Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation Policies and Policy on Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment and Other Forms of Interpersonal Violence, all of which include gender identity as a protected characteristic and collectively protect against discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. [insert name of department/organization on campus] also facilitates a weekly LGBTQ+ Support Group for students who might find a confidential group helpful. Additionally, there are off-campus resources you might find helpful: Nationz FoundationSide by Side (ages 14-20), Virginia Anti-Violence Project (VAVP), and Equality Virginia.
  • How do I change my name in VSU systems (i.e. Blackboard, transcript, diploma)?
  • Can my preferred name be used on my transcript and diploma?
  • How do I obtain University housing that aligns with my gender identity?
  • Can I use restrooms and other sex-specific facilities consistent with my gender identity?
    • Sex-specific facilities at the University, such as restrooms and locker rooms, are available to individuals based on their gender identity. In addition, you may reference this interactive map which identifies a variety of single-stall and gender-neutral bathrooms on the campus of VSU.
  • How do I change my gender marker?
  • I am considering seeking medical care as part of my transition. Where can I find more information about available resources?
  • What if I am a student-athlete?
    • If you are a student-athlete who seeks to change your gender marker, that change may have implications beyond VSU to be aware of and consider. See NCAA Player Eligibility | Resource. NCAA player eligibility rules may require a specific notation or medical waiver form related to hormone therapy in connection with a medical transition. Student-athletes seeking assistance with this process should contact the Title IX Coordinator at

Student-athletes seeking assistance with this process should contact the Title IX Coordinator at