In-State Verification

Explanation of Factors to Determine Domicil

  1. Continuous Residence for a period of one year. Bring evidence supporting the fact that the applicant intends to make Virginia his/her home indefinitely.
    • Copy of leases from each place of residence
    • Copy of mortgage agreement
    • Do not bring rent receipts   

  2. State to which income taxes are filed and paid. Bring evidence that applicant has filed Virginia taxes (760). Include the W-2 forms.

  3. Valid Virginia Driver’s License. Provide a copy of the driver’s license front and back. If the Driver’s license was recently issued provide a copy of your driving history from the Division of Motor Vehicles. 

  4. Valid Virginia voter registration card. Provide a copy of your card or your Parents/guardian if you are under 23 years of age.

  5. Valid Virginia car registration card. Provide a copy of your card.

  6. Full-time employment or its equivalent. The applicant must make at least $10,300 the immediate prior year in the state of Virginia to qualify for residency, or have proof of substantial supplemental income.  The applicant or parent/guardian must provide a letter of employment from the employer indicating employment start date, employment status (full-time, part-time, etc.), hours worked per week and salary.   

  7. Ownership of real property. Provide a copy of the documentation

  8. Sources of financial support. All persons receiving government aid must show proof. Acceptance of financial support from public agencies or private institutions located in another state prevents eligibility for in-state tuition.

  9. Valid checking or passport savings account(s) in Virginia. Bring proof of such account(s) by showing bank statements or a letter from the bank.

  10. Social and/or economic ties with Virginia. Bring valid evidence that the applicant has immediate family in the area. The applicant may also bring evidence that he/she has a professional license issued by a Virginia agency. This information will help support a claim of domiciliary intent.

  11. Non-US Residents must provide a copy of the Permanent resident card, Resident Alien Card, Visa or I-94. Provide a copy of the front and back of the card as appropriate.  

  12. Military applicants.  Military applicants must submit the following items:    A Virginia In-State Tuition Application

    • A copy of the most recent military orders assigning them to Virginia
    • A copy of the Military Identification card(s) (Sponsor and family member, if applicable)
    • Proof of residency.  (See 1 above for type of evidence)

  13. Recent College Graduates. Provide an official copy of your college transcript along with item listed above.

Required Items, if applicable.


Virginia Domicile

To be eligible for in-state tuition rates, you must be domiciled in Virginia for a minimum of one year prior to your application for domiciliary. 

For more information, access the SCHEV website