University Colors

Color plays a critical role in ensuring the overall impact of the University’s identity. The logo is to appear in two colors and in these pairs: PRIMARY blue (PANTONE 2728) and orange (PANTONE 158)

SECONDARY blue (PANTONE 287) and orange (PANTONE 166)

Use the two-color version whenever possible. Blue (PANTONE 2728), orange (PANTONE 158), blue (PANTONE 287), orange (PANTONE 166), or black are preferred colors for one-color reproduction.

If printing the logo in four-color process, use the CMYK values shown here to match as closely as possible the VSU colors.


  • 2728 must be accompanied by 158 when using 2 colors
  • 287 must be accompanied by 166 when using 2 colors

If you have questions, please contact the Office of Communications at 804-524-5045.