SFI Comprehensive Support Services

Student Freedom Initiative collaborates with participating schools, corporate partners and community-based organizations that provide students with a variety of career resources. These include specialized comprehensive support services to help students create career goals.


internXL is a dynamic internship platform that connects students to unique internship opportunities with corporations across the country. With a goal of bringing together precision, diversity, inclusion and efficiency to the hiring process of college students. The partnership between Student Freedom Initiative and internXL allows participating institutions to offer the internship platform to their qualified students. The platform is specifically designed to match students with Fortune 500 companies that fit their interests and are aligned with their career goals. In addition to this, students will receive valuable hands-on job experience all while growing their professional skills and network.

To register, please visit internXL.


The Handling Everyday Life Problems for Students (HELPS) Program provides grants to eligible students that help to support an emergency situation, without which continued persistence would be at moderate to high risk.

An eligible student:

  • is a full or part-time undergraduate student,
  • majoring in any area of academic study,
  • attends one of the participating SFI institutions, and
  • must submit an online application with the justification of the emergency (an emergency is defined to be an unexpected, one-time expense, associated with the immediate risk to health, life, property, or student’s environment that requires urgent attention to prevent worsening of the situation or further instability of the student’s situation).
In addition to these programs, there are specific services including microgrants that are based on one-time unforeseen emergencies to help students in need. Also, summer immersion programs are offered along with mental health services, career and academic counseling. For more information regarding student support services through Student Freedom Initiative, visit the website.