Research Experience for Undergraduate Program

VSU provide Research Experiences for VSU Undergraduates in the A-STEM area. Students work with research mentors in a 10-week multidisciplinary summer research program. Students also work with mentors during the academic year. Faculty from agriculture, biological sciences, chemistry, physical sciences, engineering, technology and other related disciplines will serve as mentors for the program. Students participates in a lab research project along with seminars and various professional development workshops, such as the responsible conduct of research, professional communication skills, career opportunities in academia and industry, and the graduate school application process.

Students will present their findings at a poster session or research symposium during the VSU Annual Undergraduate Research Conference. The conference is held annually in Spring. Students also presents to the national conference such as the Emerging Researcher National Conference sponsored by AAAS. Students are selected based on their interest in research, academic record, and letters of recommendation. All interns are required to be tracked after the program and must respond to an automatic email sent via the NSF reporting system.

Internship Location

  • On Campus Internship: Virginia State University, Petersburg, Virginia
  • Off Campus Internship: Depends on Partner agencies/industries/organizations availability

Internship Dates

  • Academic Year: Fall to Spring
  • Summer: May 16 – July 22*

*Summer Dates are subject to change at the discretion of the Director

Internship Application Process

Research Faculty Mentors has to submit a Project Proposal with the student(s) name on the start of each semester/summer.Research Faculty Mentors and students must complete the Responsible of Conduct (RCR) Training at Mentors and students needs only to complete the module related to their field of research. Upon approval of the Research Committee, the student will be notified to complete the Application Package. Application must include the application form and the required documents listed on the page 2 of the application.

Participants Requirements

Students must be a US citizens or permanent residents enrolled in a Bachelor Degree program in the A-STEM areas. We hope to provide opportunities for students of diverse backgrounds, so we encourage you to apply. If you will graduate in May or June during the year of the program, you are not eligible for the summer experience.