On behalf of Virginia State University, Division of Research and Economic Development and the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs, it gives me great pleasure to invite you to review the Division of Research and Economic webpage. We are honored to have you review the programs we offer to advance our faculty and students’ research journey.

The Division of Research and Economic Development (DivRED) is committed to a tripartite mission involving teaching, research and outreach to guide our institution’s research mission. Many of our researchers’ days are devoted to researching solutions to the surrounding communities and world’s most pressing problems, as well as molding some of the great minds that will usher us into another century. Along with providing solutions, we are devoted to acquiring the funding to provide educational opportunities for our worthy scholars.

Please take the time to peruse our webpages, which will serve as a veritable source of information for research opportunities, and research accomplishments for our faculty and staff. DivRED is invested in economic development partnerships and mutually beneficial educational agreements with all state, federal, private and foundation partners to advance our students’ research and experiential learning and the economic development of our surrounding communities. and mutually beneficial educational agreements with all private and foundation partners.

With our division’s research enterprise and external funding agencies, we attest the strong commitment of this university to growing the body of science, as well as to growing the young people whom will carry on our noble mission for decade to come.

Please contact our team with any questions.

Dr. Milton Faison
Associate Vice President for Research & Economic Development