Walking Escorts

The VSU Police Department operates a Walking Security Escort Program. The purpose of this program is to provide the user with a safe mode of transportation to various on campus locations.

Students, employees and all members of the University community are encouraged to call the Security Escort Service, operated by the VSU Police Department, whenever the need arises.

To use these services call (804) 524-5360, and have a valid VSU One card. The VSU One card must be presented upon receiving service. These services are provided seven (7) days a week form hours of 6:00p.m. to 7:00a.m. and are for campus use only.

Here are eight suggestions for crime prevention when walking:

  1. Never walk alone or isolate yourself. Always walk with someone else or call for the Security Escort Service.
  2. Use well-lit, well-traveled routes; walk with confidence and be alert at all times.
  3. Always have your keys in hand before leaving your car or doorway.
  4. Always lock your doors when alone and never prop exterior doors.
  5. Report all suspicious persons/incidents to the Police Department.
  6. If followed while walking, change directions and head toward an emergency call box or a well-lit and populated area.
  7. If followed while driving, drive to a public place, i.e., a hospital or a police station.
  8. If approached in a threatening manner, don't panic. Try to remain calm and think. DO NOT take foolish chances.

VSU Police Department

21012 Service Road
PO Box 9405
Petersburg, VA  23806
Emergency Phone (804)524-5411
Non-Emergency Phone (804)524-5360
Fax (804) 524-5614

VSU Police Department