CSAs Response to Reported Crimes

  1. When a crime is reported, the CSA should always first handle emergencies and call 5411 or use one of the “Blue Light” Police Emergency Phones (call boxes) located throughout campus.

  2. If it is not an emergency, the CSA should ask the individual reporting the crime if they would like to report the incident to DPPS. If they do, then the CSA should coordinate reporting and contact VSU Police via phone at 804-524-5360 or in person at the campus University Police station (21012 Service Road).

  3. CSAs should explain to the victim or reporting person how to get assistance if needed.  For those that wish to pursue a criminal investigation and/or charges, CSAs should attempt to complete the VSU Crime & Incident Report Form in its entirety, to include personally identifying information, to better assist campus law enforcement.  However, the CSA should explain that Clery statistical disclosures based on those reports will be kept anonymous and that no personally identifying information will be included in the Annual Security Report.  For those who do not wish for the report to go any further than the CSA, the CSA should explain that he or she is required to submit the report for statistical purposes and that it would be done without identifying the reporting party or the victim. 

  4. If the reporting party is a student victim of sexual assault or violence against women and does not want to involve University Police, the student shall also be encouraged to contact the on-campus Sexual Assault Prevention Services (804) 524-5939. Students can receive confidential services and referrals. University employees can receive support through Human Resources. The Trojan Bill of Rights form is available for both VSU students and employees.

  5. If the CSA has firsthand knowledge/confirmation that the reporting party already filed a police report with any police agency, the CSA is still obligated to complete and submit a reporting form.  However, be sure to indicate when the report was filed and the name of the agency to which the report was made. Furthermore, if the reporting party says they will file a police report with DPPS, but the CSA has no firsthand knowledge/confirmation that a police report was filed, the CSA must complete and submit a reporting form. When in doubt, a reporting form should be completed and submitted.

  6. It is very important that CSAs report crime on a timely basis (within 24 business hours) to University Police as a reported crime may warrant a University issued timely warning to the University community.

  7. If the incident indicated the possibility of an immediate community threat, the CSA should inform VSU Police without delay by dialing (804) 524-5411.

  8. Complete the Campus Security Authorities (CSA) Crime & Incident Report Form and handle as a confidential document.

  9. Submit the form in a confidential envelope and deliver to: VSU Police and Public Safety, ATTN: Records Manager, P.O. Box 9405 Petersburg, VA 23806 or bring it directly to the VSU Police Headquarters.

CSAs are trained by the University on an annual basis and are required to comply with their mandated reporting requirement as part of their position’s function.

If you have any questions about CSAs, please contact the VSU Police and Public Safety Records Manager at 804-524-5599.

VSU Police Department

21012 Service Road
PO Box 9405
Petersburg, VA  23806
Emergency Phone (804)524-5411
Non-Emergency Phone (804)524-5360
Fax (804) 524-5614

VSU Police Department