The Internship Program

An internship is a great way to develop specific skills and knowledge, as well as make contacts to network, build confidence and enhance your resume.  By pursuing career-related opportunities prior go graduation, you have a better chance at gaining an edge over other candidates in a competitive job market.

Internships are important because it allows you to explore a possible career field  – find out if it is something you would like to pursue in the long-term.  An internship will give you the opportunity to learn valuable work-related skills, become comfortable with the professional work environment, build on your classroom learning, and work for a potential post-graduation employer.


The mission of The Internship Program is to assist and prepare students in securing hands-on work experience related to their major and career goals.  The ultimate goal is to assure that students acquire the experience and skills needed to gain the competitive advantage upon entering the global workforce.  

What is an Internship?

An internship is usually a highly structured and supervised work experience that is well-defined, for which a student usually earns course credit.  

What are the Benefits of Interning?

Choosing to take an internship will allow you to:

  • Gain valuable hands-on experience, preferably related to your major or career interests and goals
  • Obtain the experience, skills and confidence you will need to become more marketable when entering the workforce
  • Establish a professional network
  • “Test drive” several career fields of interest to explore career options before you graduate
  • Enrich your college curriculum and earn course credit
  • Defray a substantial portion of your college expenses

How do I get started? 

Career Services offers numerous services and programs to assist you in your internship search. Hopefully, you will locate your ideal internship using one or more of the multiple resources.  

Visit Career Services at your earliest convenience, preferably at the beginning of the fall semester and continue throughout the academic school year.  Register as a student of interest to receive first-hand information about the internship opportunities with the Internship Program Coordinator.

Career Services Tools

Micro Internships

Micro Internships

Students from all majors can execute professional assignments to build and demonstrate skills while exploring a variety of career paths.

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Handshake at VSU

Handshake at VSU

VSU’s online recruitment database for internship and job opportunities.

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