Current Projects

Capital Outlay Current Projects

This table contains 3 columns labeled project title, project description, current phase.

Project Title

Project Description

Current Phase

Addition to M.T. Carter Building Construct new 13,600 GSF research for College of Agriculture Final Completion
Demolish/Replace Daniel Gym and Demolish Harris Hall Construct new 175,000 GSF academic facility (Academic Commons) Construction
New Student Union Construct addition to the Foster Hall Student Union and renovate existing building Design
Improve and Replace Technology Infrastructure Replace classroom AV, Upgrade Fiber Network campuswide, and address
environmental issues in E&G Network rooms
Improve Infrastructure for Campus Safety, Security, Energy
Reduction and System Reliability
Security improvements include the perimeter fencing, additional guard stations,
exterior/interior surveillance cameras, exterior LED lighting fixtures, card reader
systems, & steam system upgrades
Construct Admissions Building Construct new 30,000 GSF building for Admissions & Institutional Advancement Design
Waterproof Campus Buildings Waterproofing basements and providing improved drainage at 11 academic and
administrative buildings
Improve Heating, Air Conditioning and Ventilation
Campuswide for Infectious Aerosol Control
Renovations Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. Focus on
increasing ventilation, filtration and humidity control. Improvements to include total
system replacements, targeted replacements, retro commissioning and/or
enhanced building automation controls
Renovate Summerseat for Urban Agriculture Center Renovate Summerseat Bldg; Construct new Pavilion, Food Demonstration
Facility, & Greenhouse for College of Agriculture
Improve Campuswide Drainage This project addresses severe flooding/drainage problems. The Improve
Campuswide Drainage project will repair erosion damage, provide outfall
stabilization, convert select open water stormwater management facilities to
usable land, and address the inadequacy of the current storm sewer infrastructure
in the historic district of campus
Reroof Academic and Administrative Buildings Campuswide This project addresses roofing systems that have outlived their useful life
including the full or partial replacement of roof systems several bldgs.
Improve Access and Accessibility These projects will address accessibility and code compliance; accessible
entrances, sidewalks & curbs, modifying/adding restrooms & either replacing or
adding elevators.