Thurgood Marshall College Fund


It's impressive to see the depth of the transformative partnership between Virginia State University (VSU)tmcf-group-shot.png and the Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF), underscoring their commitment to student success and advancement. This collaboration spans various facets of the university, highlighting a holistic approach to engagement and support. From the president's involvement in advocacy efforts at the "Annual HBCU Fly-In" to strategic collaborations with the Office of Institutional Advancement, and the management of student-related initiatives within the Honors College, the partnership demonstrates a comprehensive approach to fostering opportunities for students.

Dr. Daniel Roberts' role as the Campus Coordinator for TMCF further strengthens this partnership, serving as a central point of contact for student-related TMCF initiatives. His leadership within the Honors College underscores the commitment to providing students with access to valuable resources and opportunities, including scholarships, internships, career prospects, talent development programs, and the innovative TMCF-SOAR program for rising high school seniors.

This partnership not only enhances the academic experience for students at VSU but also amplifies opportunities for personal and professional growth, ensuring that they are well-equipped to thrive beyond the university setting. Such collaborations are instrumental in advancing the mission of both institutions and empowering students to reach their full potential.

Here are a couple of success stories from our partnership with TMCF.

Kiya Burke TMCF Success Snapshot
Erika Neal TMCF Success Snapshot

These success stories exemplify the transformative impact of the partnership between VSU and TMCF, demonstrating how collaboration and support can empower students to overcome challenges and achieve their full potential. Through scholarships, internships, and other initiatives, this partnership continues to create pathways to success for students, enriching their academic journey and preparing them for future leadership roles in their respective fields.