Priority 4: Define the VSU Brand and Tell Our Story

Our goal is to effectively demonstrate and communicate the value of Virginia State University

We are proud of our heritage and our mission.  Since the growth of the University may lie in our ability to communicate its value to potential students, we will incorporate an intentional and strategic marketing plan to share stories of our successes and our value.  Our strategy is to address public knowledge and benefits of higher education through communication with our internal and external stakeholders, traditional media, social media/new media and other means. 

Our plan is to develop, and implement a comprehensive marketing plan to share the VSU story with stakeholders, and the Commonwealth promoting us as a leading University committed to solving Commonwealth, national, and world challenges through excellence in education, innovation, and research.  Recognizing that alumni are an integral part of marketing and recruiting, we will engage our graduates to advance university goals and priorities with through their word of mouth marketing.   Understanding that technology is one of the best metrics for reaching our targeted population, we will engage in active data analysis to identify target markets, student profile, and ideal number of students to achieve desired enrollment

We will utilize our Media and Academic Units to develop recruitment packages and stories of success that market the distinctiveness of the academic programs, and co-curricular services at the University.

Priority 4 Objectives:

Define the Virginia State University Brand

Strategic Actions

  • Initiate a comprehensive review of the University’s current branding tools and activities
  • Define the “VSU Brand” as an opportunity university producing world-class leaders and scholars
  • Effectively communicate the VSU brand to all internal and external constituents
  • Implement measures to assess brand penetration
  • Leverage our internal constituents (students, faculty, and staff) to effectively communicate the VSU brand to external constituents
  • Develop a Brand Use Standard Guide

Implement a university-wide marketing plan

Strategic Actions

  • Initiate a comprehensive review of the University’s current marketing and activities
  • Engage alumni and industry partners to help develop and advance the university marketing plan
  • Leverage our internal constituents (students, faculty, and staff) to effectively communicate and market VSU’s value proposition to external constituents
  • Enhance the University’s web and social media presence, design, and content

Enhance VSU’s contribution and economic impact to the region


Strategic Actions

  • Leverage innovation and entrepreneurship to provide talent and to attract new industries and businesses to the region
  • Increase access for the region to VSU’s facilities and intellectual capital
  • Address community identified issues through civic and community engagement
  • Expand the programmatic footprint of VSU Cooperative Extension  
  • Increase research and engagement activities which support protection of the environment and natural resources 
  • Expand campus engagement and participation in research associated with nutrition and public health
  • Create relevant partnerships with private sector companies and organizations to assist with and facilitate research, educational, employment, and developmental needs
  • Support small farmers and entrepreneurs via joint and dual capital enterprise development opportunities