VSU Emergency Grading Options for Spring 2020 Semester

Greetings VSU Faculty, Students, and Staff,

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, The University recently transitioned to remote instruction to ensure the health and safety of the University community amidst the uncertainties of the pandemic.

We recognize the additional stress that this abrupt change may bring and are sensitive to the needs of our students and faculty as we navigate the challenges of this new academic environment.  Therefore, in consultation with the VSU Administration, leadership of the Faculty Senate, the SGA, the Academic Credits Committee, and Staff,  VSU has implemented a set of measures designed to increase flexibility and enhance student success during their acclimation to the new remote instruction learning environment for the Spring 2020 semester. For more information about the new standards, please click here.  In addition, please click here for Faculty and Staff FAQs or Student FAQs.

Emergency Grade Option for Spring 2020