VSU Education Majors Gain Valuable Experience By Tutoring Students In Grades K-12

The Partnership with EduTutorVA provides majors with valuable experience while earning field credit hours toward their degrees.

Virginia State University is proud to announce that it has partnered with EduTutorVA, which allows VSU education majors to accrue field credit hours for tutoring students in grades K-12. In addition to receiving field credit hours, VSU education majors are also compensated with a competitive honorarium for their time.

VSU is EduTutorVA’s first HBCU partner and also the first institution among the nonprofit organization’s 14 partner colleges and universities to offer its education majors field credit hours for participating in this intensive online tutoring experience.

By integrating EduTutorVA into the curriculum, the University can provide its students with a positive introduction to the teaching profession and a deeper understanding of educational challenges faced by young students in the modern age.

“We are extremely proud of the Virginia State University candidates that have taken advantage of the opportunity to assist K-12 students through EduTutor,” said Dr. Willis Walter, Dean of the College of Education. “This program allows our future educators the opportunity to practice their craft as a future educator virtually while benefitting countless elementary, middle, and high school students to improve their grades and study habits.”

To ensure a successful experience, VSU education majors receive ongoing support from a tutor coach. As part of the program, they work virtually with K-12 students in Virginia, assisting them with schoolwork during sessions that last up to an hour.

EduTutorVA was established in 2020 to address the growing learning gaps affecting Virginia’s historically underserved students. By offering consistent support from college tutors throughout the entire school year, EduTutorVA empowers students by providing them with the necessary tools to excel academically.