VSU Forms Partnership To Offer Additional Credentials For Students Seeking Jobs In High-Demand Fields

The partnership will benefit VSU students seeking careers in high-demand fields such as healthcare and information technology.

Virginia State University is pleased to announce a transformative partnership with MedCerts, a leading provider of entry-level training programs. This collaboration aims to enrich educational opportunities for VSU students and residents across the Commonwealth of Virginia. MedCerts, with its wealth of industry expertise and real-world experience, will play a pivotal role in ensuring that certificate programs offered through this partnership remain current and relevant to the rapidly evolving healthcare and information technology sectors.

This partnership signifies a significant step forward in creating a seamless pathway for students to acquire specialized knowledge and skills in high-demand fields. VSU's commitment to preparing students for success in their chosen careers is now further strengthened with access to over 35 fully online short-term training programs leading to single credentials and dual certificate programs.

Dr. Tia A. Minnis, Interim Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs at VSU, shared her enthusiasm about the partnership: "This collaboration with MedCerts is a crucial component of our strategy to expand the VSU academic infrastructure to include industry-recognized professional certifications. It aligns perfectly with our overarching mission to provide continuous workforce development and employment readiness for our students and residents in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Together with MedCerts, we are equipping our students with the tools and skills needed to excel in the healthcare and information technology sectors, two fields that are pivotal to the region's economic growth."

MedCerts, known for its commitment to quality education and dedication to preparing individuals for the workforce, shares a common vision with VSU. Through this partnership, both organizations reaffirm their commitment to educational excellence, workforce development, and enhancing career prospects for students and residents in Virginia.

"The combination of VSU's academic expertise and MedCerts' industry-specific knowledge will undoubtedly benefit learners in the Commonwealth," said Rafael Castaneda, SVP of Strategic Partnerships & Workforce Development at MedCerts. "As the healthcare and information technology sectors continue to evolve, this partnership ensures that students at VSU are equipped with the skills and certifications needed to thrive in these dynamic industries."