VSU President Dr. Makola M. Abdullah Responds to Supreme Court Ruling

"We are aware of and stand with the wide range of voices who regret today's Supreme Court ruling, which will impact the college enrollment of black and other minority students by potentially ending the consideration of race as one of many factors in deciding admissions. Education is the greatest equalizer for marginalizes populations for whom affirmative action laws were originally intended to uplift and protect. This ruling is a step backward, potentially closing doors to equity, diversity, and inclusion. While we are a proponent of an HBCU education, we firmly believe that students should have a fair opportunity to attend the university of their choice. Virginia State University and other historically black colleges will continue to provide an open, safe, and welcoming educational space for any student to obtain a transformative college education regardless of color, gender, background, or economic status."

Makola M. Abdullah, President