Virginia State University to Remove the Name From Four Campus Buildings

VSU says the current names do not reflect the rich heritage and spirit of the Virginia State.

VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY, VA—March 25, 2021-- Virginia State University has announced that it will remove the name from four buildings on the VSU campus.  The VSU Board of Visitors recently approved the removal of signs identifying Byrd Hall, Eggleston Hall, Trinkle Hall and Vawter Hall.

The University says the buildings are all named after individuals whose past beliefs are not consistent with the beliefs and legacy of Virginia State University. “Virginia State University campus buildings and the campus environment should reflect the Institution and be a source of pride for the students, faculty, alum and staff who live and work inside them,” says Ms. Tonya S. Hall, VSU Vice President for External Relations. “We want to ensure that the names on all of our buildings are a reflection of the rich history of our VSU story.”

Byrd Hall (a freshmen female residence hall) was named for Harry Floyd Byrd, former Governor of Virginia. Eggleston Hall (a freshmen female residence hall) is named in honor of Dr. Joseph D. Eggleston, a former member of the Board of Visitors at Virginia State College. Trinkle Hall was built in 1929 for female students. It is now used as an administrative building. It was named for the former Governor of Virginia, Elbert Lee Trinkle. Vawter Hall is one of the oldest buildings on the VSU campus.  It was named in 1908 in honor of the school's late rector, Charles E. Vawter.

Virginia State University has appointed a re-naming committee to identify individuals for consideration for the new names. “The decisions to name a building or space identified with an historical individual should meet a high standard based on research and deliberation,” says Hall. “The new names will take into account the current mission, support, and values of Virginia State University.” 

The VSU Renaming Committee consists of: Ms. Monica Brown- VSU Staff Senate chair, Dr. Ceslav Ciobanu- VSU Faculty Senate chair, Dr. Elsie Weatherington-former Dean of the VSU Library, Mr. Lucious Edwards-VSU Historian, Dr. Cheryl Mango-VSU History Professor, Mr. Starrie Jordan-VSU Alumna, Mr. Maurice Jones-VSU Alumnus, and Mr. Ahmir Lawson-VSU Student Government Association representative.

Current signs will be removed immediately. New signs will be erected identifying the buildings as Building B (formerly known as Byrd Hall), Building E (formerly known as Eggleston Hall), Building T (formerly known as Trinkle Hall), and Building V (formerly known as Vawter Hall). Buildings deemed historical landmarks will not be altered or renovated as they help us to honor and preserve VSU’s rich heritage and traditions.

The four buildings will remain unnamed until the committee identifies appropriate individuals whose image is in keeping with the beliefs and legacy held by Virginia State University.