VSU College of Education Receives Top Ranking in Virginia

VSU College of Education Receives Top Ranking in Virginia

VSU Has the Only Education Program in Virginia to Receive an A Rating in Teacher Preparation.

VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY, VA-  The Virginia State University (VSU) College of Education is ranked as one of the top undergraduate programs in the Commonwealth of Virginia for new teachers. The VSU College of Education is the only undergraduate program in the Commonwealth to receive an A rating in Clinical Practice and Classroom Management, and it is one of only two programs in the State to score above a C rating in some of the most crucial areas of educator preparation.

Each year, the rankings are released by the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ).  The data looks at the training provided by more than 1,000 elementary teacher preparation programs in how to manage a classroom and in program efforts to assert quality control in clinical practice experiences (including both student teaching and residencies).

“Virginia State University College of Education is extremely proud of the Teaching & Learning faculty that work tirelessly with candidates preparing them to teach, which led to the “A” in both Clinical Practice and Classroom Management this year,” says Dr. Willis Walter, Dean of the VSU College of Education.  “I believe our emphasis on candidates’ awareness of self, the trauma of others, and culturally-responsive techniques leads VSU teachers to be quality reflective practitioners and advocates for students of various backgrounds. This preparation allows our graduates to be successful on day one with all students and make our teachers ideal candidates for other educational leadership roles.”

Virginia State University College of Education prides itself on producing educational justice leaders with a passion for academic equity in our schools. The process for developing this type of educator starts with a strong foundation provided by a traditional teacher preparation program. Research shows our undergraduate candidates at graduation are as effective as a typical third-year teacher.  We recognize the hard work and contributions of our entire Department. We thank Dr. Trina Spencer, Department Chairperson for Teaching and Learning and Dr. Cynthia Adrainne Thomas for their work in submitting documentation.

The National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) is a think tank founded in 2000 and based in Washington, D.C. that researches, evaluates, and provides information and guidance on the topics of teacher preparation, teacher pay, educator equity, and diversity.