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Frequently Asked Questions

The Virginia State University has received additional guidance as it relates to the usage of Public Health Emergency Leave Policy or PHEL. The Commonwealth of Virginia and consultation with the Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM) has increased the amount of PHEL for faculty, staff, students and wage/hourly employees effective March 26, 2020. Faculty and staff are now eligible to receive up to 160 hours in total for PHEL. As a reminder, while wage/hourly employees are eligible for PHEL, the amount of PHEL given will be prorated based on the average number of hours worked in accordance to the Affordable Care Act (see FAQ’s, for specific information related to wage/hourly employees – 1500 Hours Rule).

It is important to note that the President is still strongly encouraging those that can telework, please do so.  PHEL should be the leave of last resort for employees who are well, for those who cannot telework or perform any work remotely, and for those who may need a few days to make child/elder care arrangements. The Office of Human Resources has updated the FAQ’s to incorporate the appropriate changes. It is encouraged that you read through the FAQ’s completely as your question(s) may be answered.  If not, please contact HR@VSU.EDU for additional guidance and assistance.

Regarding COVID-19 Public Health Threat