Mission Statement


We provide opportunities for diverse students to become successful, ethical, and socially responsible business professionals through a technology-infused curriculum that emphasizes professional development pathways, exposure to real-world business operations, and service to society.


We aspire to be the business school of choice for students from diverse backgrounds throughout the U.S. and abroad who seek quality undergraduate and graduate business programs that practically prepare them for ethical leadership that has positive social and economic impact in the private and public sectors.

Values Statement

Our College values cultural diversity, social responsibility, and academic excellence. We demonstrate commitment to these values by:

  • Recruiting a diverse student body, and faculty and staff team.
  • Embedding corporate social responsibility and service learning into our curricula.
  • Producing peer-reviewed and industry-relevant research via our credentialed faculty.
  • Delivering innovative and engaging classroom teaching and experiential learning opportunities for our students via our continuously-improved, practitioner-oriented curriculum.

Program Level Standards of Learning Outcomes (Program Competency Goals)

Students enrolled in our program will be exposed to curricula that ensure they will have the competencies necessary to succeed in the real business world as described below in our Program Level Standards of Learning Outcomes (PLSLOs):

PLSLO 1- Problem Solving: Students will demonstrate business problem solving skills utilizing appropriate analytical and decision-making tools.

PLSLO 2- Technology Integration: Students will integrate technology into developing business solutions.

PLSLO 3- Business Ethics and Social responsibility: Students will demonstrate understanding of ethical and social responsibility concepts.

PLSLO 4- Communication: Students will demonstrate effective communication skills.

PLSLO 5- Global Perspectives: Students will demonstrate knowledge of the global business environment.

PLSLO 6- Disciplinary Knowledge: Students will demonstrate disciplinary knowledge (Accounting/Computer Information Systems/Management/Marketing) for problem solving.