TAMM Minor Requirements and Course Descriptions

Proposed TAMM Minor Requirements

TAMM171 Textiles (3cr)
FACS 161 Principles of Art and Design (3cr)
TAMM271 Clothing Construction (3cr)
TAMM272 Fashion History (3 cr) OR TAMM274 Fashion Marketing and Merchandising (3 cr)
TAMM376 Retail Math and Buying (3 cr) OR TAMM375 Visual Merchandising and Styling (3cr)
TAMM478 Product Development (3 cr) OR TAMM479 Event Planning or Promotion (3cr)

Course Descriptions

TAMM171 Textiles 3 Credit Hours (F)
This course is an introduction to the diversity of textile science and arts, focusing on three basic areas of concentration: printing, fiber sculpture, and weaving. Emphasis is placed upon processes, such as twining, plaiting, spinning, knitting, dyeing, hand-printing, and loom-weaving. In addition, this course surveys textile terminology and properties to enable students to make appropriate choices in textile selection for a product.

FACS161 Principles of Art and Design 3 Credit Hours (Sp)
Students will be given an understanding of the basic principles of design as they relate to fashion and residential environments. Special considerations will be given to visual design in a sensory and behavioral context.

TAMM271 Clothing Construction 3 Credit Hours (F)
This course is a study in the acquisition of construction skills and techniques necessary for transforming fabrics into apparel and/or home fashions. It includes an understanding of sewing equipment supplies and materials as well as applications for specific figure types and personalities. Emphasis is also placed on construction methods, technology and appropriate applications.

TAMM272 History of Fashion 3 Credit Hours (F)
A fundamental course in Fashion and Costume History including identity of costume starting with the Ancient Civilization to the development Western Civilization ending in the 20th Century. It also serves to assist the student in describing how technology and economics influence fashion development and change.

TAMM274 Fashion Marketing and Merchandising 3 Credit Hours (Sp)
This course focuses on the integration of fashion marketing concepts and applications in the development of a merchandising plan. Students will learn about merchandise positioning, brand building, market segmentation, and market research as it relates to the fashion industry.

TAMM376 Principles of Retail Math and Buying 3 Credit Hours (F)
This course is an introduction to retail math and buying simulation. Students will be introduced to a buying simulation where they will learn the concepts and calculations necessary for merchandise buying and assortment planning for a retail store. Students will understand the retail method of inventory, planning seasonal purchases, markups, turnover, stock to sales ratio, open to buy, markdowns, and terms of sale.

Prerequisites: MATH112 Mathematics, MATH113 Mathematics

TAMM375 Visual Merchandising and Styling 3 Credit Hours (F)
This course is a study of presentation techniques and merchandising concepts employed to promote store image or brand strategy. Students will utilize artistic principles such as line, balance, rhythm to create effective merchandising displays and floor sets for a retail environment. Students will also explore the stylist's role in print and interactive media. Using both lecture and studio delivery, activities will include mock assignments, story boarding photo shoots, display window installations and other experiences associated with visual merchandising and stylist's responsibilities. Prerequisite(s) TAMM172 Survey of the Textile and Apparel Industry, HIDG161 Principles of Art Design, TAMM271 Clothing Construction, TAMM272 Fashion History

TAMM478 Apparel Product Development 3 Credit Hours (Sp)
This advanced level course provides TAMM students with a simulated experience in product development processes and apparel production. Building upon introductory courses, students will apply fashion terminology, construction, textile science, and retail management principles to simulate the three levels of the industry: design, production & sales. Students will engage in the design process, will learn flat pattern design and advanced construction skills to address production challenges. In addition, students will utilize analytical skills to cost and source as well as analyze global market challenges. Students will synthesize design concepts, advanced production technology, the development of merchandising in the modern market, including analysis of target markets, analyze the source, cost and development of a product in that market in presentation form
Prerequisite(s): TAMM271 Clothing Construction, TAMM274 Fashion Marketing and Merchandising or MKT300 Marketing, TAMM376 Principles of Retail Math and Buying, or advisor approval

TAMM479 Fashion Promotion and Event Planning 3 Credit Hours (Sp)
This course examines the process of promotion and the promotion mix tools utilized by fashion companies. Students are engaged in all aspects of the planning process of an actual event (e.g. setting goals, preparing budgets, creating ad layouts, creating press kits, coordinating production, and evaluating). Further, students will plan and execute a fashion event (e.g, Fashion Show, Lecture Series, Fashion Publication, Trunk Show, Bazaar).
Prerequisite(s): TAMM272 History of Fashion, TAMM274 Fashion Marketing and Merchandising or MKT300