B.S. in Criminal Justice

Welcome to the Criminal Justice program at Virginia State University.  This program offers Bachelor of Science or Master of Arts degrees in criminal justice.

Criminal Justice is a very popular university discipline.  Students in this major familiarize themselves with the criminal justice system, primarily its three main components and related agencies or careers.  These components are law enforcement (or policing), court system and practice, and corrections.  Within each of these components are various professions that students eventually specialize in.  Criminal justice students may become FBI or CIA officers, analysts or agents; crime scene investigators; forensic science technicians; police officers; correctional officers; state troopers; criminologists; US Marshalls, Secret service agents, legal practitioners, parole officers; and professionals within the juvenile justice system.  The following are other areas you may consider should you choose this major:

  • Private detectives
  • Fish and game warden
  • Security guards
  • Computer forensic specialists
  • Fraud investigators
  • United States postal inspectors
  • Immigration and customs enforcement agents
  • Blood spatter analysts
  • Bailiffs
  • Border patrol agents
  • Crime lab analysts
  • Criminal law paralegals
  • DEA Agents
  • Deputy Sheriffs
  • Fire investigators
  • Forensic accountants
  • Forensic anthropologists
  • Homicide detectives
  • ICE agents
  • Juvenile probation officers
  • Paralegals
  • Lawyers
  • Narcotics officers
  • Parking enforcement officers
  • Substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselor
  • Transit and railroad police
  • Victims advocates
  • Youth correctional officers

From above, you notice that there are so many fields in criminal justice to consider.  Should you choose this Department and major as a prospective student, we urge you to talk to the Chair or any of the faculty in the department to discuss the paths towards these career options.