Mission Statement

The mission of the Department is to provide students with a liberal arts education through which they acquire skill in abstract logical thinking, historical consciousness, knowledge and skills of science and scientific inquiry, knowledge of values and their relationship to a variety of life situations, knowledge of international and multicultural phenomena, and experience with in-depth study.

We endeavor to provide curricula and other types of educational experiences through which students will acquire increasingly complex knowledge, the abilities and the technological skills to apply that knowledge to a wide range of situations and conditions in careers, professions and in their personal lives.

Objectives of Department

The objectives of the Department are to identify potential problems with basic skills and liberal arts knowledge through academic advising; include, in the major curricula, general education requirement courses which will help students acquire basic skills and liberal arts knowledge; include, across the sociology and social work course requirements, skills and liberal arts learning based teaching and assignments, as well as applied skills experiences for students; offer curricula which include prerequisite courses, as well as courses with degrees of difficulty appropriate for the numerical course designated for freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior levels; and require internship experiences for all programs within the department.