International Journal

International Journal for Social Science Research and Practice (IJSSRP) is an interdisciplinary peer reviewed journal.

The objective of the journal is to serve as a forum for the exhibition and dissemination of scholarly activities in forms of current researches and thoughts on contemporary issues. The scope of IJSSRP is wide and all inclusive as it ranges from issues in the United States to global events and happenings. It welcomes all types of researches ranging from field and experimental to rigorous theoretical explanations. It welcomes empirically based studies and discussions based on abstractions and theoretical understanding. IJSSRP will serve as the forum for the promotion of positive exchange between nomothetic and idiographic traditions in the social sciences.

The journal is independent of any particular school of thought and does not lean towards any theoretical perspective or viewpoint. Authors are not limited by their nationality, religion, subject matter or theoretical orientation. The journal is however interested in studies that will promote global unity and understanding towards achieving a peaceful global village, global social harmony and economic growth. It therefore promotes studies that can yield practical solutions to contemporary global social problems.