The Statesman

The Virginia Statesman, the student newspaper at VSU has published continually since 1930. Before that, other publications were printed for students and others at Virginia State University. 

The pictorial history, Loyal Sons and Daughters, says the earliest publication was The Clarion, which was published for one year—from 1914-'15. The second publication was The Crater Scroll, which also lasted one year—from 1924-'25. The third publication, The Campus Review, saw print from 1929-'30. Finally, The Virginia Statesman then appeared to fill the void for the campus community. It is published during the fall and spring semesters by a handful of mass communications students.

Loyal Sons and Daughters, published in 1991, is on reserve at the Johnston Library.

The Statesman is also digital!

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Getting Involved

The Statesman needs people to get involved with production & distribution as well as writing. To get involved with The Statesman, email