Hands-on learning

The Department of Mass Communications offers several hands-on learning opportunities for students to train in real-world mass media experiences. Through engaged learning, students will work with faculty, field experts and fellow students to combine textbook theory with industry application. Explore the world of mass communication through:

Fully stocked with a variety resources and equipment, the hands-on learning experience in the VSU Department of Mass Communications allows students to strive for GREATER!


The Mass Communications Internship Program provides mass communications majors with real work experience in mass media (newspaper, radio, public relations, television and new media) with an emphasis on practical application of classroom concepts. The program partners with various organizations and corporations in the Tri-Cities, Richmond Metropolitan and surrounding areas.

Internships are a minimum of 120 hours of assigned work that are spread across one semester (up to 12 weeks) to receive (3) units of academic credit (COMM 496).  COMM 497 is a course reserve for students who are qualified by the Mass Communications Internship Coordinator to participate in a second internship.  Mass Communications students should be a junior or senior in good standing, meet the prerequisite requirements. Prior approval will be required before participating in an internship.

The internship is one of the most important aspects of students' undergraduate education and provides an opportunity to network and gain practical experience that is needed once a student leaves the university. An internship offers students the opportunity to integrate their undergraduate education into real career work experience by participating in planned supervised work at the internship site. 

Students are expected to seek out the prerequisite course requirements prior to enrolling in the internship course.  Internship options are expected to be researched by students and students may contact the Mass Communications Internship Coordinator, Bridgett Robertson for guidance on the internship placement that best works for your career interest (click here for a list of available internship opportunities). Internships are limited and students should begin their search at the beginning of the semester prior to the internship.  Students who do internships without approval will not receive the satisfying internship credits.

Students participating in an internship will have regular mandatory meetings with the Mass Communications Internship Coordinator; weekly written reports, site evaluations, a mid-term report and a final report. A mandatory class schedule with the Mass Communications Internship Coordinator including an internship orientation will be specified in the course syllabus. 

The VSU Mass Communications Internship application packet is available through this link and by the Mass Communications Internship Coordinator.