Doctoral Program: Educational Administration and Supervision

The Department of Educational Leadership offers qualified graduate students the opportunity to pursue a Doctor of Education degree in Educational Administration and Supervision. This program is designed specifically for those seeking to serve as educational leaders in PK - 12 public school division settings. 

The Ed.D. program is designed to develop competent and caring educational leaders who will be involved in the decision-making processes and play substantial roles in shaping our social structures. Senior-level school administrators provide the leadership that determines the level of success for schools and school divisions. To this end, our senior-level preparation program will ensure that these educational leaders acquire the knowledge, skills and dispositions that will enable them to lead schools that are both efficient and effective, and also promote and model integrity, fairness and sound ethical practices. 

A cohort of no more than 12 candidates will be admitted each fall for a program of studies that is designed with a busy professional's needs in mind. Cohort course completion can be accomplished in two years, with additional semesters or years of dissertation preparation. 

Summary Requirements:  

The program requires a minimum of three years for completion, including two years of formal study and a minimum of one year for completion of the dissertation. For the purpose of the Ed.D, the residency requirement will be satisfied by the successful completion of two consecutive semesters of academic coursework.  

Requirements and Transition Points  


  1. Submitted completed and signed application form 
  2. Master’s degree from a regionally accredited institution 
  3. 3 years of administrative experience in a certified position in a public or private school or equivalent leadership experience 
  4. A minimum of three (3) years of documented leadership experience 
  5. Minimum 3.0 GPA in all graduate work 
  6. 3 reference letters (1 from an employer, 1 from a professor) 
  7. Official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate credits 
  8. Competitive GRE scores according to the University policy. 
  9. Writing Sample 


  1. Maintain a minimum 3.3 GPA in all content and course work 
  2. Complete the Program Progress Examination 
  3. Complete 12 hrs. in Areas of Academic Concentration 


  1. Complete 54 credit hours (including 6 credit hours of internship)
  2. Submit an application for Comprehensive Examination 
  3. Earn a passing grade on the Comprehensive Exam 
  4. Submit an application for candidacy 


  1. Successfully complete oral dissertation proposal defense 
  2. Successfully complete oral dissertation defense 
  3. Earn a passing grade for 6 credit hours for the dissertation 


  1. Graduate follow-up survey 
  2. Employee follow-up survey APPLICATION DEADLINES: March 31st for fall admission

Department of Educational Leadership 

Dr. Michael McIntosh, Chair 
109J, Harris Hall