Department of Psychology

A degree in Psychology can prepare you for careers in school psychology, psychiatric or medical social work, guidance and counseling, vocational rehabilitation, clinical psychology, child development, criminal justice, religion, public service, or college teaching and research. Even if you are interested in studying law or medicine, a psychology degree can be a logical first step. 

An HBCU with Master's and Doctorates in Psychology

The Department of Psychology offers an undergraduate program in general psychology, as well as graduate study leading to both Master’s and Doctoral degrees.  Students working toward the Master of Science degree may choose a concentration in either General Psychology or Clinical Psychology. Doctoral students will focus in Clinical Health Psychology or Behavioral and Community Health Sciences (BCHS). Please click the related links for more information on our Master's and Doctoral programs at one of the top HBCU colleges in Virginia.

The Department hosts a chapter of Psi Chi, the national honor society in psychology, which encourages and promotes high scholastic attainment.  In addition, the Department sponsors a Psychology Club that offers membership to all psychology majors. 

Mission of the Department

The mission of the Psychology Department is to teach students to adopt a scientific approach in their acquisition of knowledge in the major areas of psychology and to prepare them for graduate study and service in culturally diverse communities. The Department seeks to achieve these goals through the following objectives:

  1. Providing fundamental training in the science of psychology, thus preparing psychology majors for advanced study in the field
  2. Contributing to the general education of all students by providing an understanding of the scientific approach to the study of human behavior
  3. Offering instruction in the principles and applications of psychology for other departments that require psychology in the programs of their majors.